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Delving into French not only offers access to the rich literature, art, and history of France but also connects learners to over 220 million speakers worldwide. As the official language in 29 countries and an influential lingua franca in the realms of diplomacy, business, and culture, French holds a prominent global position. For beginners taking their first steps, free online games provide a captivating way to establish foundational vocabulary and familiarize themselves with the melodious intonations of the language. These games blend entertainment with education, making the learning experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

Ekvis.com makes language learning a delight! Through fun online games, you're introduced to the basic vocabulary of many languages, from Spanish, German, French and Korean to Russian and many more. As you enjoy the games, you get a taste of each language's unique charm.

This website requires no registration, and all games are available at no cost. Suitable for both self-study and classroom settings!

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